Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Someday My Shoes Will Come...

No story revolving around a shoe is more famous than Cinderella. For the sake of her fairy-tale ending, it's a good thing she had a personal shopper/godmother to mold the glass directly to her feet, saving her hours of frustration. After all, in the frenzy of dressing for the ball, she had no time to pop into the department store, ask for "this color" in "this size" (inevitably finding that no, actually, they don't) and teeter around to see how each pair fit.

Who needs a fairy godmother when there's 1803footwear.com?
It was only a matter of time before the ease of online shopping replaced the chaos of kneeling salespeople, mismatched shoebox lids and sweaty compression socks. The one drawback: shoes can't be tried on over the Internet. Here at 1803, in addition to pictures and detailed descriptions, we have a guaranteed return and full refund policy.  

This weekend, we read a New York Times article that offered a window into the future of made-to-order, 3-D printed shoes. For now, they're too costly for the mass market. But the aspects of comfort, distinctive style and convenience for the consumer: we stand behind all of these. We like to think that our shoes, like our website, achieve a seamless blend of classic and modern. Supple leather meets flexible breathability; time-honored tradition meets modern silhouettes. The end result: gloves for your feet, selected in comfort, with no pressure and no pinching...and no chance of losing a shoe at midnight.

Our "Luzia" in Azul (Blue)

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