Thursday, October 20, 2016

Vanilla, Squash, Peyote...and Shoes

As our name reflects, the Louisiana Purchase --and the exchange of ideas it afforded -- changed the course of history and shoes everywhere. If you don't know the story yet, find it here.

"True comfort was discovered in 1803."

It was Native Americans who showed explorers the secret to leather shoes that molded to their feet - creating unprecedented comfort and natural support. In honor of Native American Heritage Month, which begins the day after Halloween, we pay tribute to the bedrock beneficence of Native Americans -- they gave us far more than Thanksgiving dinner!

Vanilla. Only two out of ninety varieties of orchid flower produce the "vanilla beans" needed to create this rich, unique flavor. It took the natives to teach Europeans how to coax flavor from the pods and seeds.

Government. Ben Franklin has said the idea of a federal government -- giving some power to a central leadership, and others to the states -- had its roots in the Iroquois League of Nations. The Constitution itself reveals its debt to the wisdom of the Iroquois constitution that upheld the principles of peace, equity, justice and the "power of good minds."

Library of Congress

Medicine. Natives treated fractures of bones and sutured wounds and incisions with human hair. They also had an approach to anesthesia that far outpaced that of European doctors, who often rendered patients unconscious by clobbering them on the head. In contrast, Natives drew on their knowledge of plants for herbal sedatives like Peyote and "Jamestown weed," skillfully applied tourniquets and astringents, and built hypodermic needles out of bird bones and animal bladders to inject medicine beneath the skin.

Farming.  In addition to sharing advanced irrigation systems, Natives taught the Pilgrims "how to smoke and dry indigenous meat and fish and how to plant the 'three sisters' -- corn, beans, and squash -- in mounds fertilized by fish and blessed by powdered tobacco, which is also a natural insect repellent," reported the Pittsburgh Post Gazette.

Comfort, style, the pursuit of happiness -- it's no wonder we owe a debt of gratitude to America's indigenous people!

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